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Rely on Our Professionals for Seeding & Aeration in Ramsey MN

Breathe new life into your lawn with help from the lawn care experts at NaturaLawn of America! With 12 years of experience and knowledge, we provide effective and efficient seeding and aeration processes. In order for your grass to flourish and remain healthy, it needs nurturing assistance. Let us help!  We proudly serve customers in Ramsey MN, Ham Lake, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Dayton, Shorewood, Eden Prairie, Loretto, Maple Plain and surrounding areas throughout Minneapolis West. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Man Aerating a Lawn in Ramsey, MN

How Does Lawn Seeding Work?

Although it is possible to seed your lawn yourself, it is best to seek professional help. We take pride in our ability to administer a step-by-step lawn seeding routine that has been proven to quickly improve the quality and growth of numerous lawns.

Lawn seeding in Ramsey MN is a simple, yet detailed process. If you are noticing changes in your lawn, such as discolored spots or thinning areas, lawn seeding may be needed to restore its health and thickness. Based on the extent of the problem, our professionals will determine the most effective route to take before choosing which lawn seeding technique to initiate for customers in Ramsey.

Sometimes a quick touchup via spot lawn seeding in Ramsey MN will suffice. Overseeding is a second possibility, but if the lawn has been too damaged to restore, it may need to be totally renovated. The basic steps for lawn seeding include: selecting the grass seed, preparing the soil, planting the grass seed, covering the seeds, and then watering.

What are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration Services in Ramsey MN?

A lawn that is well-conditioned will have far fewer problems progressing through each season or sustaining its health over the years. Lawn aeration in Ramsey MN supports healthy growth and offers many other benefits, including, but not limited, to:

• Soil Decompaction • Air Circulation • Allows Proper Flow of Water & Nutrients • Creates Space Pockets for Thatch Breakdown

Lawn Seeding & Aeration in Ramsey MN Makes Lawns Thrive—Not just Survive

NaturaLawn of America is dedicated to making your lawn thrive as well as survive. We are nationally recognized for our lawn care programs, both pesticide-free and organic-based. We focus on stimulating growth with naturally formulated treatments that result in balanced, healthy and appealing lawns.

NaturaLawn of America is the number one choice for all your natural and organic based lawn care treatment needs in Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Eden Prairie, Excelsior, Shorewood, Golden Valley, Edina, Elk River, Ramsey, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a lawn inspection! We provide free, no-obligation quotes!